About us


After many years of establishment and development, THAIPRO Trading Company Limited has become  one of the leading companies in the field of distribution and retail, international commercial and e-commercial. With the desire of setting up and developing tend to  a stability and steady development company, co-founders of THAIPRO always keep the policy that “Developing depends on basis foundation, profit is not the only objective in sense of purpose” and “Stability development combines with break out thinking”. Based on this, THAIPRO has built the strong label belief to cooperators as well as customers.

At this momment, THAIPRO has been building a network of wholesalers and retailers throughout Vietnam, with many distributors, agents and supermarkets. In each provinces, we hold 1-5 agents, who are our strategical partners and combine with us to manage the system of thousands retail stores in many regions.  

 Until 2010, THAIPRO has built relationships with 35 supermarket chains with over 100 modern supermarkets in major cities, 52 strategical agents managing list of over 20,000 points of FMCG sector.

With steady foundation of trading and the variety of goods,  THAIPRO has deployed the exporting project of some kind of products to Asia, Europe and America, as well as system of selling online, which serves customers all over Vietnam.

Owning young, enthusiastic and active human resources with professional managing system, THAIPRO Trading Company Limited has always tried our best to be the leading company of our field.