Oriented companies

Oriented company:

  • Visibility: With the aspiration of pioneer with business strategy of sustainable development and human developing, THAIPRO Trading Company Limited strives to become the leading company of mutil field business about distribution, exporting and online business, who have prestige and position on Vietnam economic map; besides, building the leading successful label of Vietnam about supplying core value, improving the life quality and increasing the position of Vietnam goods in international market.



  • To Vietnam customers: Provide consumer products of international quality to each Vietnam families and bring highest consuming quality to every single consumer.
  • To the cooperators: increasing stability development, long term business relationship and cooperative spirit
  • To the staffs: increasing combination spirit, creativeness and creating fair working environment for all staffs to dedicate and bring realistic value to consumers, to company and to themselves.
  • To the country: Improving the position of Vietnam goods in international market; contributing and bringing foreign currency into Vietnam.

Essential value: responsibility

  • To the consumers: provide products of international quality with the best quality and the best reasonable price as well as improving the standard of life
  • To the staffs: create the best working environment for all staffs, give our mind to improving the staff's living conditions.
  • To the society and country: contribute to the international integration process
  • To ourselves: build and develop company becoming more stable, make value for people, society and ourselves